2018 Trade Mission to São Paulo, Brazil — December 12 – 14, 2018

2018 Trade Mission to São Paulo, Brazil
For Hedge Fund Managers, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Infrastructure and Real Estate Fund Managers

There will be a special track for Funds with a focus on Fintech. These Fund managers will meet with a select group of investors who have an interest in Fintech.

FINTECH OPERATING COMPANIES: Fund Managers with Fintech portfolio companies will also be able to have their portfolio companies make presentations to potential customers, joint venture partners and investors.

December 12 – 14, 2018
São Paulo


  • Introduce US Alternative Asset Fund Managers to the leading Brazilian LPs who are investing and planning to invest in US Alternative assets.
  • Minimum of twenty-five private LP:GP one-on-one matchmaking meetings for each US participant
  • FINTECH FUNDS — Special meetings for Fintech Venture and Private Equity Funds to meet Investors
  • FINTECH OPERATING COMPANIES — Separate track for Fintech company presentations to potential investors, joint venture partners and product distributors


  • Minimum of twenty-five one-on-one personal meetings with leading institutions and family offices in São Paulo and surrounding cities
  • Focused, structured, organized and pre-arranged private meetings
  • Convened by the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and the US Embassy
  • No placement agency fees or commissions
  • Full contact information and background provided to GPs prior to all meetings
  • Promotion of your firm to 150+ local institutional investors, single- and multi-family offices

What are the cost benefits of participating in Trade Missions?

  1. Without the trade mission format it would be impossible to set up 20-30 LP meetings in one day with pre-qualified potential LPs. It would require multiple days and multiple trips. This is a major benefit in terms of dollars, time, and energy saved.
  2. The same level of meetings would probably require a minimum of two to three trips to meet the same number of high-level people. These additional trips alone are equivalent to or will cost more than the Trade Mission in terms of airfare and hotel.
  3. Without US Government support, you would most likely need to hire a placement agent, which would be a significant up-front cash expenditure.
  4. A placement agent would also charge you a commission on your earned management fee and on your performance fee. There are no commissions charged on ANY investments you receive during the Trade Mission.
  5. There is a cost in time and energy involved in identifying prospects, securing contact info, contacting the prospects, convincing them to meet and then coordinating the schedule in an efficient manner. The Trade Mission takes place on one day and all the LPs come to your hotel. This is a major advantage and a significant save in time, expense and opportunity cost. As we all know, “Time is Money”.
  6. The US Embassy is the “convener of stature” for the Certified Trade Mission which lends a prestige to the event, helps guarantee the quality of the attendees, and limits the attrition prior to the event.



  • An opportunity to meet active, screened & interested LPs from Brazil’s leading institutions & family offices.
  • A minimum of twenty-five private one-on-one meetings with leading Brazilian family offices and institutions.

Why Brazil’s FinTech Sector…

  • According to Finnovista, Brazil is home to the largest number of FinTech startups in Latin America
  • Brazil ranks highest in EY’s 2017 FinTech Adoption Index for all of Latin America in
    • Money transfers and payments
    • Financial planning
    • Savings and investments
    • Borrowing
  • The number of startups in the sector has tripled in the last two years, according to Brazil’s FinTech association ABFintech
  • “In Latin America and Brazil, a lack of banking services, high demand for credit and historically high interest rates have created a boom for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to develop FinTech market leaders. Thus, the impact from FinTech disruption is expected to be greater in Brazil than in many other countries because of its highly concentrated banking sector.” Financier Worldwide
  • Although 85% of Brazilians live in cities, 40% remain excluded from traditional banking systems
  • Advancing additional FinTech verticals such as insurtech, regtech and legaltech
  • Fifth largest country in the world and home to the most tech-savvy populations in Latin America

Brazil LP Recruitment Co-Chairmen:

Marcos Maciel , Brazil Country Manager,

Marcos Maciel is an entrepreneur and executive with over 20 years’ leadership experience in technology startups and multinationals. Passionate about innovation and in bringing new solutions to the market, he leads Brazil for Cial Dun & Bradstreet. Marcos has acted as senior strategy consultant for blue-chip companies in Brazil, Europe, Middle East and Africa. He holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering, a Master degree from Strathclyde Business School, UK and a diploma from Harvard Business School, USA.

For over 175 years, D&B has been providing businesses with solutions that enable them to make decisions with confidence. Its database, with more than 280 million companies, enriched by more than 30 thousand sources, provides a holistic and up-to-date view of the potential risks that may be present in its supplier base and customers. Cial Dun & Bradstreet, Latin American partner of Dun & Bradstreet (Int’l), has solutions for finance, credit & risk analysis, sales & marketing, and Compliance. Its teams throughout Latin America ensure local knowledge and attention, while D&B’s global network of more than 190 countries enables it to handle global demands.


In cooperation with the US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, US Commercial Service, and the US Embassy in Brazil, you are invited to apply to join the Certified Trade Mission which will introduce a small, select group of US private equity, venture capital, infrastructure and real estate fund managers to meet pre-screened institutional investors from Brazil’s largest insurance companies, pension funds, high net worth individuals and family offices. The mission is certified by the US Department of Commerce.


Certified Trade Missions and similar events supported by the US Commerce Department have attracted top funds from the US. Click here to see some of the funds that have attended in the past.

GP Delegate Selection Criteria

Attendees must be invited to participate in this mission. Invitees represent a select group of top US private equity, infrastructure, venture capital and real estate fund managers. The group will consist of senior executives and will have a mix of GPs with diverse investment strategies, sector focuses, and geographic preferences.

Attendance in the Certified Trade Mission to Brazil is limited to twelve US funds to maximize the level of overall access and one-on-one meeting opportunities with the institutional attendees. Based on past interest and participation, we expect demand to be very high. Attendees will be accepted on a rolling basis up until the deadline of November 30, 2018.

Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure and Venture Capital Funds will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Diverse investment strategies, sector focuses and geographic preferences.
  • Industry leading performance history.
  • Sound management and accounting practices.


Institutional investors in Brazil as well as family offices and high net worth individuals are now investing in alternative assets in the US. In recent years, there has been a large movement of capital to the US, in particular from high net worth individuals and institutional money managers into private equity, venture capital, real estate and infrastructure funds. The Certified Trade Mission facilitates this process by arranging the introduction of a select group of US Fund managers to the leading Brazilian institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.

The Mission will provide:

  • One-on-one meetings with LP investors in São Paulo arranged by the US Department of Commerce, the US Consulate in São Paulo, and the US Embassy.
  • An opportunity to meet Brazilian institutional limited partner investors from the largest insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, and private wealth managers.
  • A forum to exchange ideas and strategies with Brazilian investors, other US-based fund managers, and policy-makers from both Brazil and the United States.
  • Opportunities for intimate interaction between US GPs and Brazilian LPs.
  • Promote US PE, infrastructure, real estate and VC Funds.
  • Introduce US PE, infrastructure, real estate and VC Funds to Brazilian LPs.

Benefits to Fund Managers

  • Exposure to top level Brazilian investors in an exclusive setting.
  • Knowledge gained from Brazilian investors.
  • Serve as a delegate in a US government initiative aimed at promoting the nation’s leadership in private equity, infrastructure, venture capital, and real estate to foreign institutional investors.
  • Showcase your firm’s investment expertise directly to interested investors.

Brazilian Investors

  • Institutional Investors (Insurance, Pension)
  • Corporate Investors
  • Family Office Managers
  • Heads of Families
  • High Net Worth Individuals

Brazilian Fintech Companies to meet with U.S. Fintech Companies
Joint Venture, Distribution, Purchase of Products

  • 88
  • ABFinTechs
  • ABRAT — Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Tecnologia da Informação
  • ABStartups
  • ABVCAP — Associação Brasileira de Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Allgoo
  • ANBC —  Associação Nacional dos Birôs de Crédito
  • Anjos do Brasil
  • Atlas Quantum
  • B&T Corretora
  • Banco Central do Brasil
  • Banco de Franquias
  • Banco Itaú — Unibanco
  • Banco Santander
  • BlockMaster
  • Branch International
  • Braziliex
  • Bytenivest
  • Christina Hutchinson
  • CoinTrade
  • Covault
  • CuboStart
  • CY2 Law
  • Dataholics
  • Deality
  • Deality Technologies
  • DefinedCrowd Corp.
  • Derraik
  • Derraik & Menezes Advogados
  • Drummond Advisors
  • EAS Consulting
  • Empresta Capital
  • FEBRABAN — Federação Brasileira de Bancos
  • Goblockchain
  • Itaú
  • Leaf
  • LogBank
  • Mercado Produtor
  • Multiverse Coin
  • MUXI
  • NetObjex Inc
  • Plancorp Merchant Bank
  • Rede (Itaú Bank’s Credit Card)
  • Rhizom
  • Santander
  • Silver Bullet Technology


Wednesday December 12, 2018 – Arrival in São Paulo
Thursday December 13, 2018
Morning Session for Alternative Asset Fund Managers — Investment Promotion

8:30 – 9:00 AM Arrival, registration and buffet breakfast
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM One-on-one meetings between US Alternative Asset Fund managers and Brazilian LP allocators. Each US GP will meet one-on-one with every Brazilian allocator for twenty minutes in speed dating style.
12:30 – 1:30 PM Buffet lunch and informal networking.

Afternoon Session for Fintech, Regtech, InsurTech Portfolio Companies

12:30 – 1:30 PM Registration and networking lunch
1:30 AM – 5:30 PM Fintech companies will present their products to potential joint venture partners, customers and investors.
5:30 PM Transfer to the home of the Consul General for a networking reception
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Networking reception hosted by the US Consul General (pending)
8:00 PM Trade mission ends

Friday December 14, 2018 – Departure from São Paulo

*The government of the United States, particularly the US department of Commerce and the US Embassy, is not involved in selecting or recruitment for this mission. Such selection and recruitment is strictly left to the mission organizer. The US and foreign commercial service supports the goals of this event but does not endorse the specific products or views of the participating organization.