Certified Trade Mission
Capital Introductions Trip
Zurich, Switzerland
Alternative Asset Fund Managers
October 24 – 26, 2018

Certified Trade Mission
Capital Introductions Trip
Zurich, Switzerland
Alternative Asset Fund Managers
October 24 – 26, 2018

2018 Certified Trade Mission to Zurich, Switzerland
For All Alternative Asset Fund Managers including Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Real Estate & Infrastructure Fund Managers

Wednesday October 24 – Friday October 26, 2018


  • Introduce US Alternative Asset Fund Managers to the leading Swiss LPs who are investing and planning to invest in US Alternative assets.
  • Minimum of twenty-five private LP:GP one-on-one matchmaking meetings for each US participant


  • Minimum of twenty-five one-on-one personal meetings with leading institutions and family offices in Zurich and surrounding cities
  • Focused, structured, organized and pre-arranged private meetings
  • Convened by the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and the US Embassy
  • No placement agency fees or commissions
  • Full contact information and background provided to GPs prior to all meetings
  • Promotion of your firm to 150+ local institutional investors, single- and multi-family offices

What are the cost benefits of participating in Trade Missions?

  1. Without the trade mission format it would be impossible to set up 20-30 LP meetings in one day with pre-qualified potential LPs. It would require multiple days and multiple trips. This is a major benefit in terms of dollars, time, and energy saved.
  2. The same level of meetings would probably require a minimum of two to three trips to meet the same number of high-level people. These additional trips alone are equivalent to or will cost more than the Trade Mission in terms of airfare and hotel.
  3. Without US Government support, you would most likely need to hire a placement agent, which would be a significant up-front cash expenditure.
  4. A placement agent would also charge you a commission on your earned management fee and on your performance fee. There are no commissions charged on ANY investments you receive during the Trade Mission.
  5. There is a cost in time and energy involved in identifying prospects, securing contact info, contacting the prospects, convincing them to meet and then coordinating the schedule in an efficient manner. The Trade Mission takes place on one day and all the LPs come to your hotel. This is a major advantage and a significant save in time, expense and opportunity cost. As we all know, “Time is Money”.
  6. The US Embassy is the “convener of stature” for the Certified Trade Mission which lends a prestige to the event, helps guarantee the quality of the attendees, and limits the attrition prior to the event.



Nicolas A Widmer , Partner,

Nicolas Widmer has over two decades of alternative investment experience and has been raising assets for alternative and traditional asset management products for 20 years. Before founding Aico Partners in 1998 he was active in foreign exchange markets for almost 15 years, both as a trader and in treasury functions, within organizations like Citicorp and JP Morgan.

Aico Partners Ltd. and its predecessor Aico Alternative Investment Company AG is one of Europe´s longest standing asset raising firms. Founded in 1998 the firm has successfully been raising capital for asset management products, with a bias to alternative investments like, e.g. hedge funds, real estate and private equity funds, but also for more traditional long-only products.

With its origin in the center of Europe, Aico Partners has over the past two decades developed and extended its geographical reach and is today connected to a truly pan-European investor basis across all allocator segments.

Dr Christopher Wahlquist, Partner,

Christopher Wahlquist has two decades of alternative investment experience and has been raising assets for alternative and traditional asset management products for almost 15 years. Before joining Aico Partners in 2011, he helped build the alternative investment business of UBS at its headquarter in Switzerland. Initially an investment committee member involved in fund selection and portfolio management, he later headed up the team’s global business development efforts, helping bring total AuM to $14bn at peak. Before that he worked for a UK based CTA. He speaks three European languages fluently.

Mr Wahlquist holds a Doctorate Degree from the University of St. Gallen and a Masters Degree from the Gothenburg School of Business and Commercial Law.

The Mission will provide:

  • One-on-one meetings with leading Swiss investors.
  • An opportunity to meet institutional limited partner investors from Switzerland’s largest insurance companies, institutions and pension funds.
  • An opportunity to meet investment managers of the leading family offices and multi family offices.
  • An opportunity to meet high net worth individuals.
  • Opportunities for intimate interaction between US GPs and Swiss LPs.
  • Promote US PE, infrastructure, real estate, VC, and alternative asset funds.
  • Introduce US PE, infrastructure, real estate, VC, and alternative asset funds to Swiss LPs.

Benefits to Fund Managers

  • Exposure to top level Swiss investors in an exclusive setting.
  • Knowledge gained from Swiss investors.
  • Serve as a delegate in a US government initiative aimed at promoting the nation’s leadership in private equity, hedge, alternative assets, venture capital, infrastructure, and real estate to foreign institutional investors.
  • Showcase your firm’s investment expertise directly to interested investors.
  • Direct, pre arranged LP:GP one on one match making meetings.

LP Participant Profile

Swiss LPs will be invited by our Swiss national co-chairmen and the US Consulate in Zurich. We expect strong attendance from more than thirty-five highly qualified pension funds and insurance companies, banks, single- and multi-family offices, wealth management advisors, and high net worth individuals that either have an exposure to US alternative assets or have expressed an interest in doing so in the future. This Certified Trade Mission will provide you the opportunity for one-on-one private meetings with each LP in attendance.

Four Hundred LPs have been identified as potential Swiss Institutional and family office attendees. The LP list will be qualified further once the US delegation is selected to ensure compatibility with the US Funds attending.


Wednesday October 24, 2018

Arrival in Zurich.
Check in at the Zurich Marriott Hotel.

Thursday October 25, 2018
Certified Trade Mission
All Trade Mission events will be held at the Zurich Marriott Hotel

7:30 – 8:30 AM Breakfast in the Executive Lounge.

8:30 – 9:00 AM Networking and Registration of US GP delegates and Swiss LP delegates in the foyer of the Century Ballroom.

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM One-on-one meetings, in the Century Ballroom.
Members of the US delegation will meet one-on-one with each investment professional from the leading Swiss institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, and family offices. Each attendee will meet with each Swiss LP. Meetings will be approximately twenty minutes long.

12:30 – 1:30 PM Lunch in the Echo Restaurant.
A Buffet Lunch will be served. It will be an opportunity for the GPs and LPs to continue their discussions in an informal setting.

1:30 – 4:30 PM One-on-one meetings continue

4:30 PM Trade Mission Ends

Overnight at the Zurich Marriott Hotel

Friday October 26, 2018

Check out and depart hotel. Extensions available upon request.

*The government of the United States, particularly the US Department of Commerce and the US Embassy is not involved in selecting or recruitment for this mission. Such selection and recruitment is strictly left to the mission organizer. The US and foreign commercial service supports the goals of this event but does not endorse the specific products or views of the participating organization.