Hi Swee Hoon, Irwin, Ryan and Mishell-
Thank you for a very informative and valuable conference. The organization and content was outstanding. Congratulations!
Thank you for allowing me to participate.
Best Regards,

Miles Gilman

Hi Irwin
Nick and I can’t get over how productive and well organized the event was! We’ll make sure to write up a formal endorsement later today. Thank you so much for organizing everything it absolutely blew away our expectations
We look forward to next steps as well and look forward to keeping you updated on how those conversations progress. Please let’s stay in touch. We will get back to you asap with confirmation of our attendance to HK

Alex MassaRMC USA

Brian and Irwin, 
Thank you x 1000 for setting up the event on Thursday. Thank you 

JW Robinson

Dear Irwin,
Thank you for your follow up.
Indeed, I thought the structure was excellent and by far the best way of getting know each group and the management. Also, it was exceptionally well organized.
Bernice is certainly highly skilled at courteously maintaining the pace and of course selecting and coaching the fund managers. She has had funds make presentations to an investment committee I sit on and one can always tell they have been well prepared.
Processing 12 funds in such a short timeframe was exhilarating and challenging but the personal virtually one on one format overcame the rapid turnover. If this was done as 12 rapid fire presentations to an audience frankly I think it would be utterly unproductive.  Yes, the meetings were definitely worth it and I am following up with several of the funds. Not all of course are in our area of interest such as real estate but others certainly could be of interest to me and my associates.

I very much appreciated being invited and would be pleased to attend if there is another opportunity next year.

Katherine SmalleyAllied Capital Corporation

Thank you for the opportunity to meet so many investment funds. From a format perspective, it would be nice to have the opportunity to choose the type of fund or asset class one is interested in, but I understand the logistical problems this may cause.  It would be good however, to have one break during the 15 minute manager intervals.
Best regards,

Karen L. Luprypa, CFAChief Risk OfficerWestcourt Capital Corporation

We thought the speed dating format is great, except the time slots very short. Between the initial acquaintance and getting started there’s some down time. We thought it was useful and we will only know at a much later stage. It is effective. Overall it’s a good experience and if we get one investment from it then it will by far be the best use of time and money ever!

Juan F Páez Managing PartnerREAL Infrastructure Capital Partners LLCLatin Renewables Infra Funds


Today’s trade mission was excellent. I loved the format and structure. I found it much more productive than spending an entire day listening to managers present for 45 minutes at time. The way I view it is even if a manager is not one of interest, I’m only spending 15 minutes with him and if it’s a manager I’m interested than we follow up with them later. And  lastly, a 15 minute break would have been useful halfway through. Overall, as I said, I thought it was very well done. There were a number of managers that tweaked my interest that I will be following up with.
For sure please include me in your next one!

Jay ShielDirector, Investment AdministrationMidland Group of Companies Inc.

Hi Irwin.  On board flight ready to depart for NYC.  I will take some time to give you feedback.  In advance, very happy that I came.  Wasn’t sure what to expect but was absolutely worth my time.  And so many friends of Israel.
Kind regards,

Rick ScanlonMarker LLC

Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the Department of Commerce Montreal Trade Mission.  It was a positive experience.  Our process is long and involved.  It is not necessary for me to point to specific names or organizations that might eventually at some date consider an investment with Capri.  I believe that it is sufficient to plant some potential seeds, meet good people and hear the views of other market participants.  It was a good assembly of potential investors and general partners.  I appreciate being amongst those invited.

Paul Vice ChairmanAfrica, India and the Middle East

Extremely productive day – high quality LPs and clear business potential.  

Ned StikerChief Financial OfficerCortland Partners