Thanks.  More than anything else I found it educational to learn about the activity in the Canadian Capital market.  It is now very much on my radar.  Most impressive for me today was two different people emailed their colleagues right there while at the table to connect with others in the Montreal community today or tomorrow.

Jim ArmstrongMarch Capital Partners

I participated in the US Certified Trade Mission (CTM) to Hong Kong in the past two years, and found it tremendously helpful. Here in Hong Kong we see very strong demand for quality investments from the US, ranging from venture capital opportunities to real estate projects. I personally will be keen to participate in the next CTM.

Conrad TsangChairman Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

Thank you very much for the conference yesterday. As I mentioned last night on my way out, this forum provides a unique opportunity to access hard to find family offices along with other institutional investors. I found it very valuable and will be speaking with the firm to recommend that we continue to attend these conferences.

Benjamin Tsai MD, Head of Alternative Strategies, Asia Pacific AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan Limited

Edward and I would like to thank you and your team for putting together such a great even in Hong Kong yesterday. Since this was my first “speed-dating” series of financial meetings, I did not know what to expect. In my opinion, the experience was very much worthwhile and represented a great value, both in terms of cost and time. We will follow up with all parties. However, there were five that specifically asked us to follow up with information and a meeting. These are great results.

Fernando Bensuaski Chief Financial OfficerChenco Holding Company, LLC

Thanks, Irwin. I enjoyed the event and met some folks that should be good LP prospects. As far as the event structure and organization — it was excellent. Had the potential of being total chaos but you and your team had everyone well prepared and kept things moving along nicely. Very professionally done. Also very little that I would have done differently.

Robert Conrads Colchis Capital

Thank you. I enjoyed the event and met many relevant people in the investment sector in Singapore.
The Trade Mission was so valuable because we met several parties who are potentially interested investing in our sector (US venture capital). I would highly recommend the Trade Mission to Singapore because it was well organized, very efficient, with most of the relevant people in the country present.
The quality and number of LPs we met in one day was mostly good. Most importantly, I scheduled two direct follow up meetings from the session and I am sure there will be several follow up calls on top. I also thought the session with the Ambassador was a helpful introduction to Singapore. I liked the all-day session format – made it more interesting and more broad.

Peter GajdosManaging Director and Portfolio ManagerPresidio Partners

Overall, it was excellent.  The trade mission was well planned, well organized and delivered value for the money.

Fernando BensuaskiCFOChenco Holding Company, LLC

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of LPs I met.  I feel there may be a some good real leads to follow up on.

Eric FleissPresidentRegent Properties

I thought the Trade Mission was one of the most unique fundraising assets I’ve ever seen. The ability to have 50+ warm leads provided over the course of 1 day is phenomenal. It would have been impossible for our fund to have done anything like this ourselves and I doubt any financial service organizations could have provided a stronger group. I would highly recommend the Trade Mission Singapore, not just because the quantity of potential investors but the quality of investors. 

Maxx BricklinPrincipalBold Capital Partners, LP

Extremely productive day — high quality LPs and clear business potential.  

Ned StikerChief Financial OfficerCortland Partners